My Spectrum Guarantee Contest and Rules

Here at New Life we have a philosopy: “Saying you’re the best is easy. Guaranteeing Results is Hard.”

We’re confident in our results, so we wanted to have a fun challenge: try our food for 30 days and show us your results! Winning Before & After photos will win a prize pack of New Life Spectrum®! (see our Facebook announcement )…

Spectrum Guarantee says that within 30 days of feeding Spectrum exclusively, if there isn’t a noticeable difference in your fish’s health, color and vitality we’ll give you your money back if you don’t see results. We even guarantee you’ll see improvement if your fish suffers from nutrition-deficiency related hole in the head, or fin/lateral line erosion!

Simply take a picture of your fish on Day 1 and again on Day 30 of feeding NLS exclusively! We’re looking forward to seeing your awesome aquariums fed on New Life Spectrum®

Dates (2017):

  • October 11th – November 22nd: Submissions for the Contest
  • Nov 24th – 28th: Your photos displayed with others and voted on by our Facebook users ( )
  • Nov 29th: Winner Announced


  • Take a picture of your fish on day 1 and then again after 30 days of feeding NLS.
  • Hashtag #myspectrumguarantee to post your before and after pictures on Instagram. You must also submit your images via email to
  • You must follow the conditions of the Spectrum Guarantee (for details click here)
  • By entering you give us permission to use your photo.
  • The winner will receive a prize pack of their favorite variety of New Life Spectrum® fish food
  • Due to export restrictions, only entries from U.S. residents are eligible and the prize must be shipped within the United States