mainphotoThere is a New Life Spectrum® formula for almost every freshwater fish, marine fish, crustacean or coral in your aquarium. The Spectrum family of formulas all feature high-density, quality nutrition from natural ingredients. Formulas come in a variety of jar sizes: from 50g jars all the way to 2000g buckets. Below are a few of our product lines.

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Our core line of products for a variety of fish, including: Marine Fish, Cichlid, Bettas, Discus and more — including a variety of pellet sizes for fish ranging from small to Jumbo sizes. All using our high-density Spectrum Nutrition Formula.

Thera+A combines the high-density Spectrum Nutrition Formula fortified with extra Allicin complex (garlic) and extra nutrients and oils for a food that’s great for stressed and/or newly acquired or introduced fish. The extra attractants and nutrients mean fish resist stress better.

Our herbivore formula features a ‘basket’ of nine (9) varieties of algaes and seaweed in addition to our high-density Spectrum Nutrition Formula. This provides a more rounded diet than simply loading our pellets with a single ingredient. Great for omnivores, too.

Great for surface feeders, our floating pellets feature the Spectrum Nutrition Formula that has been proven in aquariums. The 1mm size is an ideal substitute for flakes, while the larger sizes are great for fish like Oscars, Arowana and Cichlasoma.

Combining the Spectrum Nutrition Formula with additional, naturally occuring Beta Carotene for bright, vibrant reds and oranges in fish that feature those colors. UltraRED features no added hormones, dyes or artificial coloring agents

New Life Spectrum produces a range of foods for both Goldfish and Koi in various pellet sizes and floating profiles: including Small Goldfish formula, regular Goldfish formula, All-Seasons Koi (as well as Koi Staple formulas for ponds).

New Life Spectrum’s exceptional solutions for your reef aquarium: like our microencapsulated reef powder Reef/Cell designed for filter feeding invertebrates and SPS/stony corals. Microencapsulation means that it doesn’t leach into the water and neutrally buoyant.

Spectrum’s line of medicated foods and water treatment baths. IckSHIELD is designed to combat both marine and freshwater Ich and parasites more safely than copper. HexSHIELD products tackle Hexamita and other intestinal and wasting diseases.

Spectrum MIX foods are designed for fish that are yet to be trained on pellets, or for whom pellets aren’t the best solution. Our DoughMIX creates a pliable feeding putty that sticks to aquarium glass for a great mid-water feeding station, and GEL is great for soft-palated grazers.

Give your fry, juvenile and grow-out fish a boost. GROW features the high-density Spectrum Nutrition Formula with additional nutrients and oils to promote rapid growth. GROW formula comes in fry powder as well as small pellets.

Fortified with calcium for healthy exoskeletons, these Spectrum formulas are designed for crustaceans and invertebrates like anemones. The high nutrient concentration found in New Life Spectrum is great for macro-feeding corals.

Flake food for smaller community fish and surface feeders, these flakes feature the Spectrum Nutrition Formula that includes whole antarctic krill, spirulina, garlic, whole fish and more. Optimum is the most nutrient-rich flake available.