Show Us Your Aquarium (#mynewlifespectrum)

A few times recently, we posted photos on Instagram and Facebook of our aquariums here at New Life International so that our customers could get a glimpse of how our own tanks look fed on Spectrum. It’s a version of that old adage that one must “eat their own dogfood.” Only in this case, it’s our own fish food!

Yet I don’t happen to think that looking at our own aquariums is as interesting as seeing the aquariums of New Life Spectrum® users. In that spirit, we’re asking to see your photos! Just hashtag #mynewlifespectrum on pictures of your awesome marine, freshwater or coral aquariums fed on Spectrum (preferably exclusively). We’ll repost them and, of course, give you credit for your pic.

To sweeten the pot a little bit, we’ll choose our favorite tank photo each week, and send that person a 125g jar of New Life Spectrum® — your choice of formula. While we definitely appreciate seeing photos from around the world, due to shipping and export restrictions only U.S. residents will be eligible for the free jar.
I’m pretty excited to see your aquariums, and share everyone’s images.

Ian Tepoot
New Life International
Home of New Life Spectrum