New Life International has a 30-day guarantee stating that if, after feeding New Life Spectrum® brand food to his/her fish exclusively, the customer does not see a noticeable improvement in color and vigor of the fish, he/she can return the unused portion in its original packaging directly to New Life International for a full refund plus reasonable postage. New Life International does not guarantee colors to manifest that are not part of the native/natural pigmentation of the fish. Empty bottles will not be accepted.

Customers must use the Spectrum Guarantee form and include all required information, including: name, address, email and/or telephone, summary of animal type and confirmation that the Guarantee terms were met. This guarantee only applies to direct returns from customers and not via retailers or wholesalers. Retailers may submit the form on behalf of customers, but all contact information must be for the customer directly.

Spectrum products purchased online will only be eligible for the guarantee if they were purchased from an Authorized Reseller, so that we can ensure that it is genuine, current product from a reseller that has agreed to abide by New Life Spectrum policies and guarantee conditions.

The Spectrum Guarantee covers the conditions outlined here. General quality or defect issues are not covered using this guarantee. For general quality or defect issues, please contact us via our support email.



In order to receive a refund under the New Life Spectrum Guarantee you must:

  • Have fed New Life Spectrum exclusively for 30 days. This includes no supplemental commercial foods, additional “enrichment” items such as vegetables or frozen and/or live foods (such as but not limited to Mysis, artemia, brine shrimp, bloodworms), or treats.
  • While we state that you will notice a visible difference in vigor and health in your fish after 10 days, you must complete a full 30 day program prior to claiming the guarantee if not satisfied and continue to feed your fish this diet exclusively during that time.
  • You must not have fed or been feeding your aquarium any form of New Life Spectrum fish food prior to this 30 day “challenge” period, as if feeding Spectrum your fish may already have benefited prior to the trial period.
  • You must have not used artificial hormones in any form on your aquarium prior to this evaluation period.
  • The Spectrum product must not have passed the expiration date as stated on the packaging cap.
  • Your fish must be currently eating and not showing signs of extreme distress or illness with the exception of moderate cases of head, lateral line and fin erosion. This guarantee also requires that your fish be regularly consuming the food; while New Life Spectrum is highly attractant, there are fish that, due to trauma or simple individual animal behavior, will not entice to begin feeding. New Life Spectrum does not guarantee that all fish will eat the pellets.
  • Spectrum Guarantee within the United States: For online purchases, you must have purchased the product from an Authorized Reseller. A list of online resellers is available here. Many products sold online are from unknown origin/sourcing, product age, etc. and thus ineligible. In investing in outlets that are confirmed to sell Genuine New Life Spectrum®, you are purchasing the quality support associated with Spectrum.
  • Spectrum Guarantee Internationally: Outside the United States, you must have purchased the product from a reseller that participates in the Spectrum Guarantee program. Not all territories participate in the Spectrum Guarantee. For a list of supported territories, click here.
  • You must fill-out and send either via online form or sending the filled-out PDF form to the email or mailing address the Spectrum Guarantee claim form, accessible via this page.


Return Procedure

If you meet these requirements:

  • Fill-out the Claim Form online or use the printer-friendly copy and fax it to us at (305) 248-7450 (or scan it and email sales@nlsfishfood.com). If you do fill-out the online claim form, print a copy to include in your return package if accepted.
  • The claim form will be evaluated to determine if all conditions have been met. We may follow-up with you if needed. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • If a refund is warranted and approved, we will send you an empty box suitable to the product you are claiming, along with a pre-paid return label. Place the container with the unused portion in the box and use the return label to send it to us.
  • Once we have received the food, we will issue you a check sent via standard post.