New Life Spectrum® to Premiere Updated Formula This Fall

HOMESTEAD, Florida — March 1st, 2017—New Life International, creator of New Life Spectrum® aquarium foods, has released information on a major update of it’s product line-up to coincide with the release of it’s Fall/Winter product catalog this September.

The updated line will be premiered at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) 2017 to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana at Hilton Riverside convention center and hotel. The show is organized by the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America and is in it’s 28th year.

“It was time to update” explained Pablo Tepoot, CEO of New Life International, “we have been experimenting with several changes to the formula, and we’ve gotten to a place where we are ready to roll-out the changes.”

These include the use of giant squid as a key protein in the formula, in addition to the Whole Antarctic Krill and Whole Fish that is a signature of the formula. In addition, ginger will be joining garlic within the formula as one of the immune-boosting, anti-parasitical ingredients.

New Life New Life Spectrum® will also be switching from ingredients preserved with ethoxyquin with the formula change, opting for ingredients preserved with the alternative antioxidant preservative Naturox. Naturox is considered a natural alternative to ethoxyquin. Both preservatives are considered safe by the FDA, although Naturox has a less controversial reputation.

With the product updated, New Life International is looking forward to the opportunity to enhance the organization of the product line to make it easier for customers to find the formula that best suits the needs of themselves and their aquariums.