New Life Spectrum Launches Next Generation Products and Discounts Original Series

Homestead, Florida — January 16th, 2018—New Life International, creator of New Life Spectrum® premium aquarium foods, has launched it’s next generation version of their Spectrum Nutrition Formula. The new products will be dubbed “Naturox® Series”. The original series products will remain on the market with an approximate 10% price drop across the board.

The biggest change in the new formula is use of a natural, plant-based preservative with the trade name Naturox® instead of ethoxyquin.  Naturox® is based on mixed tocepherols, found in many vegetables and legumes. The Antarctic krill used in the formula is vacuum packed — an expensive process not normally used for fish food. The enhanced formula also features the addition of high-protein, high omega-3 squid as a secondary protein, mineral-rich bentonite clay for binder, and ginger to supplement the formula’s garlic to support immune health.

“Our vision is to alway raise the bar for aquarium nutrition, and we’re eager to roll out advancements forwarding that mission,” said Ian Tepoot, President of New Life International, “Our pellets have used natural ingredients without artificial flavoring, dyes or hormones. We’re excited to add artificial-preservative-free to the list.”

New Life emphasized the change wasn’t due to concern about ethoxyquin. They point out that, the preservative is FDA-approved and not linked to any cases of health issues in aquarium fish. Then why make the change?

“We wanted to take away any reason for people and their fish not to experience the Spectrum difference” explained Mr. Tepoot, “if you’re worried about preservatives we have a pellet made without ethoxyquin, and price-conscious hobbyists have a lower entry price with the original series.”

New Life Spectrum has committed to testing their source ingredients, and publishing the preservative analysis results on their pellets periodically on their site. While confident that any amounts will be zero or trace levels of 15ppm or less, they point out that their ingredients are sourced from facilities that do product ethoxyquin-preserved product and say they want to be conservative with marketing-based blanket claims.

“The test results will tell the story for anyone who wants to know, and will speak for themselves. We like to under-promise and over-perform” concluded Mr. Tepoot. Naturox® Series products have begun shipping and should be widely available in this first quarter of 2018.

Press Contacts:
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New Life International
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