New Life Publications’ books have been enthusiastically received by both critics and readers alike. Our beautiful photography, useful information and clear, user-friendly design make these books essential companions for your aquarium.

by Pablo Tepoot and Ian M. Tepoot

Published 1995. ISBN 978-0964505803
206 Pages / 390 Photos
Ed.: • English / German / Chinese / Japanese
• English / Spanish / Portuguese / French

Cichlids: The Pictorial Guide Volume 2

The original publication, this coffee-table style almanac covers a wide variety of cichlids from around the world. Beautiful photos matted against a black background highlight the fish for both identification and enjoyment. Information is presented in brief text and quick-reference icons. Male and female of each variety are shown, as are cross-referenced common and scientific names.

“It just doesn’t get any better than this stunning book… [it] is an exquisite work of art.”

-Don Dewey Editor FAMA 1995

“This must be one of the most spectacular books published this year [1995]. Sometimes books fail to live up to the image generated by their title, but certainly not this one.”

-John Dawes Editor Aquarist and Pondkeeper November, 1995 United Kingdom

by Pablo Tepoot and Ian M. Tepoot

Published 1996. ISBN 978-0964505810
336 Pages / 500+ Photos
Ed.: • English / German / Chinese / Japanese
• English / Spanish / Portuguese / French

Cichlids: The Pictorial Guide Volume 2

The critically-acclaimed follow-up to volume one, this edition covers more cichlids varieties from around the world, with a heavier focus on Tanganyika and South/ Central American cichlids. Beautiful photos of both male and female fish in prime condition are featured on each page. Information is presented in brief text and quick-reference icons.

“New Life Publications established a new photographic standard for aquarium books with Cichlids: the Pictorial Guide Vol I. I wrote a FAMA review of that book indicating that it has “no equal…and the photography was spectacular.” However, times change and so must opinions. Vol I is now joined by Vol II. Now these two books have no equal.”

-Dr. Harry Grier, Marine Biologist and Photographer

by Pablo Tepoot

Published 1998. ISBN 978-0964505841
216 Pages
Ed.: • English / German / French
• English / Chinese / Japanese

Aquarium Plants: The Practical Guide

Using an approach to presenting the subject similar to that poineered by New Life Publications’ critically-acclaimed fish almanacs, this volume combines spectacular aquarium photography with concise, icon-driven data a variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic aquarium plants. In the front of the book is a guide on setting up a planted aquarium.

“Pablo Tepoot has produced a book among the best on the important topic of aquarium plants…”

– Pet Industry News, Australia. Vol. 9 #3

“Stunningly spectacular book which is not just beautiful to look at, but is also brimming with essential detail…If you are not a plant enthusiast, this book is likely to convert you into one.”

– Ornamental Fish International Journal,
Issue 25: Nov. 1998

by Pablo Tepoot and Ian M. Tepoot

Published 1997. ISBN 978-0964505827
358 Pages
Ed.: • English / French / Chinese / Japanese / German
• English / Spanish / French / Italian / Portuguese

Marine Aquarium Companion: Southeast Asia

This book applies New Life Publications’ signature photographic almanac approach to the marine aquarium; specifically the fish of Southeast Asia. Focusing on those available to the hobby, this volume combines spectacular photography, icon-driven information and a conscientous approach to fiskeeping, designating tank survivability and highlightning those that are made available via sustainable practices.

“This book is absolutely stunning to look at and in its own way, using icons, backed up by relatively little text, manages to convey masses of information about its subjects”

– John Daves, Author and Columnist

“For aquariums at home, [you] simply must have this book as a reference, for its beauty and information it contains.”

– Julian Sprung, Author and Columnist

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