New Life Spectrum® Post-Hurricane Start of Operations

As we get into the clean-up and preparations for resuming operations after our brush with Hurricane Irma, I want to thank you everyone for their patience during this time. We also want to give you all an update as to our status and when we can expect New Life Spectrum® to be shipping from our facility once more!

We anticipate being able to resume shipments (and production) starting next week. This week we are cleaning-up the facility and prepping it to begin both production, packaging and shipments. This applies to orders that have already been submitted, to clear our backlog. Unfortunately, we will likely not be processing new orders until between September 15-18th. Our facility has power, but we don’t have telephone service or internet as of yet. Once this comes up is when we will resume full normal operations.

For customers looking for New Life Spectrum® in stores, this likely means that you will see little or no disruption of continuity in having our nutrient-rich pellets on shelves.

We were very fortunate that Hurricane Irma turned away from Miami-Dade county at the last moment, and we only received Category 1 Hurricane winds — avoiding most of the potential damage that could occur. However, I want to take a moment to recognize those that weren’t so lucky in the Florida Keys, Marco Island Florida and the west coast of the state, along with those experiencing flooding. It’s one of the unfortunate parts of hurricanes that one area’s good fortune comes as the expense of another.

Our new social media coordinator, Hilary, has done a great job in her first outing with us under unusual and trying circumstances. With her help, we’ve posted items on our Facebook page on resources to help those more hard-hit than we by Irma.

It also means that we may be out of communication for a bit, due to interruption to internet and voice telephone services that may persist for a significant period. Our Facebook page should have updates on our status. This also means that, during this period, customer service will be necessarily limited. We thank you for your patience during this time, and we thank you for being a New Life Spectrum® customer.


Ian M. Tepoot
President, New Life International, Inc.
Home of New Life Spectrum®