Testing and NLS (Part 3 of 3)

As you may know, over the course of a little over a month, we’ve announced quite a few changes to our New Life Spectrum® product that will be introduced this fall (September). Among the changes is that we will be using ingredients that are free of the preservative ethoxyquin in favor of those preserved either through vacuum-packing (in the case of Krill) or using mixed-tocopherol preservatives (Naturox). As part of this discussion, and in response to a controversy sparked online in regard to another brand, we proactively committed to having tests done and testing results because of rampant speculation regarding what is “typical” levels found in tropical fish food.

This is the final of our posts with recent results for the last production batch we have produced before going to non-ethoxyquin based ingredients in our next production run. While this wraps-up this series, I do want to mention that as we get closer to the new launch, we’ll be posting an article about what you can expect from the revised line, and how we are distinguishing this next generation from the last to make it easier for you to make a consumer choice. In the meantime, stay tuned to this space for updates about Spectrum, fish health and more!




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Ian M. Tepoot, President
New Life International, Inc.