NLS and Preservatives (Part 2): Testing

In response to a controversy that was brought to our attention last month, we posted a blog entry on New Life Spectrum® and preservatives. We also revealed our plans to use the natural mixed-tocopherol product Naturox® as preservative in our updated formula that is debuting this fall — an initiative that had been in the works for some time. Although the furor online wasn’t about our products, we had nevertheless been asked about our position and thoughts on the subject. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read our blogpost about it here

In that post, we did however make a specific promise:

“In this online uproar, we noticed certain revelations have ignited speculation that most tropical fish diets may contain far beyond 150ppm (or even 300ppm) of the controversial preservative. In the interest of transparency, we’ve sent samples of our current formula to accredited labs and will be posting the original reports on our site. We don’t now claim to be “ethoxyquin-free,” but we’re confident the results will be well under these figures. Once our new Naturox preserved New Life Spectrum formulas are released, we will test and release ethoxyquin level reports online for those as well.”

So here is the first installment on that promise. This is a test we routinely conducted on the production run of our food that is on shelves now from a widely used accredited aquaculture laboratory. Test results are currently at the lab for a second set of current samples. However, we thought we’d share this. One item to note is that we are aware that interested hobbyists are testing for the preservatives on all brands of food: a move we heartily support, as third-party verification is of course a better source than any company’s internal tests. Also, we’re anticipating there will be some natural variation in the specific EQ levels from test to test just due to the nature of the ingredient, but confident in the overall picture it will paint — even prior to our Naturox changeover in September!

Click here if you want to download the PDF (with the back information page): marineEQ



Ian M. Tepoot, President
New Life International, Inc.