New Life Spectrum’s Next Generation

NLS Naturox Series

This month is pretty exciting here at the home of New Life Spectrum®: we’re officially launched our next generation version of our Spectrum Nutrition Formula!

A New Series

We’re calling these new  products the “Naturox® Series”. Our Original Series formulas will stay on shelves with about a 10% price drop to make sure that there’s a New Life Spectrum for every hobbyist and their aquarium companions.

As the you might’ve guessed from the name, the biggest change with our new formula is use of a natural, plant-based preservative known as Naturox® instead of ethoxyquin.  Naturox® is based on mixed tocepherols, found in many vegetables and legumes. The Antarctic krill used in the formula is vacuum packed — an expensive process that’s not normally used for fish food.

But we didn’t stop there: the Naturox® Series enhanced formula also has the addition of high-protein, high omega-3 squid as a secondary protein — plus mineral-rich bentonite clay for binder (which lets us reduce starch binders), and ginger to supplement the formula’s garlic to support immune health.

The Vision

Our goal is to alway raise the bar for aquarium nutrition, and we’re eager to roll out advancements forwarding that mission, Our pellets have always used natural ingredients without artificial flavoring, dyes or hormones. We’re excited to add artificial-preservative-free to the list!

While we’re excited to share our new innovations with you, this change wasn’t due to concern about ethoxyquin (the preservative is FDA-approved and not linked to any cases of health issues in aquarium fish). Then why make the change?

We’ve always been confident that if you try Spectrum, you and your fish will be a believer. In that spirt, we wanted to take away any reason for hobbyists not to experience the Spectrum difference If you’re worried about preservatives we have a pellet made without ethoxquin, and it gives new users a lower entry price with the original series to try.

The Details

You’ll be able to identify the new formulas by their updated packaging, and all say ‘Enhanced Formula’ on the jar. And of course the ingredients on the Naturox version will note this. But we’ve also made an even easier way to quickly see: on the top of the lid, the lot number will always be marked with an “NEQ”.

We’ll be periodically releasing testing results on our blog when we change lots (i.e. food created from a new batch of ingredients) showing the EQ levels of our foods. For the Naturox Series, we are sourcing ethoxyqin-free ingredients from vendors in which we have confidence. We will also be testing ingredients to ensure that they meet this standard. While we’re confident that any amounts will be zero or trace levels (which is considered 15ppm or less), our ingredients are sourced from facilities that do produce ethoxyquin-preserved product. We like to under-promise and over-perform — so we don’t tout our food as “ethoxyquin-free” — simply that we use ingredients not preserved using this method, and are testing our ingredients to ensure this. Naturox® Series foods may contain trace amounts of the ethoxyquin. Of course, we will always be working to reduce even the trace quantity over time, as well.  The test results will tell the story for anyone who wants to know, and will speak for themselves.