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In the past 20 years many advancements have been made in the aquarium industry. Many of the discussions have concentrated on topics such as water chemistry and the effects on fish, species reclassification, propagation, fish collection, etc. The critically important subject of fish nutrition, however is seldom discussed in depth. Many myths and fallacies concerning nutrition and feeding of fish are often regurgitated over and over again until it "almost" becomes a fact.

The unfortunate part is that knowledgeable people whose livelihood depends on the tropical fish business are too busy making a living. Therefore they have no time to participate or input their information on the highway of the internet.

It is with this premise (as creator of New Life Spectrum Fish Food and having been part of the tropical fish industry for over 30 years) that I have decided to do my part to help clarify many of these myths and fallacies. Moreover, I hope to help clear up the often confusing and misunderstood subject of fish nutrition and feeding. By means of this discussion I intend to contribute my part to help the hobbyist and fish enthusiasts. To post your question, visit Our Forums.

Due to time constraints, please limit your questions to Fish Food.