Aquarium Nutrition: Hype vs. Results

by Ian Tepoot

This month, our awesome new community manager is starting a photo contest. It’ll feature before and after pictures of new community members’ fish fed exclusively New Life Spectrum® for 30 days (click here for more on that). We’re pretty excited — it really hits on a point we want to highlight: the idea that after all the marketing hype, it’s results that count.

Saying You’re the Best is Easy. Guaranteeing Results is Hard” has been our mantra. You might’ve seen it in our ads. It’s the foundation of our Spectrum Guarantee. So I wanted to dive a little into what that actually means to us.

When I go to aquarium shows, a common question I’m asked is: “are you and your ingredients the best?” My response is to ask what all the other companies they asked said. The response is always the same: they said they were the best. I always answer: “We’re the best… but then, my just saying it doesn’t mean much then. Nor should it.

A common approach when promoting aquarium foods is to weave a story about the premium ingredients harvested lovingly from the sea (or wherever). Plus those declarations of being the ‘best’. Adjectives like ‘premium ingredients’ or ‘natural’ are tossed about. There’s definitely nothing wrong with being proud of your ingredients. We certainly are. But…

Don’t just say it. Prove it.

New Life Spectrum’s ingredient quality and formula is second to none (and we definitely let people know — check out the Health >  Spectrum Ingredients section of our site). We’re confident that a higher percentage of the sale price of New Life Spectrum® goes into the bottle as ingredients vs. any other brand.

But we never stop there. We always emphasize results. We highlight the Spectrum Guarantee. Why?

Because after all the hype, the real test of a fish food is the results: how healthy are your fish (or invertebrates) and how do they look when fed a food exclusively. You can say you’re premium or wax poetic on your ingredients but the fish don’t care. They either eat it or don’t. When they do, their health either improves or doesn’t. Their colors either look great or they’re not. The hype ends once it hits your aquarium water.

Aquarium enthusiasts are fortunate today compared to decades past. Premium-tier foods are better than they’ve ever been. We’re proud to be one of the first of this class and to have trail-blazed this change. And over the years, we’ve steadily improved. A jar you buy today is better than what you bought in 1994 or 2004.

However, all premium foods aren’t equal. The best way to know… test it for yourself. For each food candidate, feed it exclusively for 30 days. If a food’s nutrition is well rounded and complete this isn’t a problem for the fish at all (and if your not sure the food can sustain your fish on it’s own, that’s already an indicator). Then look at the results compared to the other foods you’ve tried. We encourage consumers to test their assumptions, and that includes with New Life Spectrum®.

That philosophy is why we do the Spectrum Guarantee. If you feed your fish Spectrum exclusively for 30 days (assuming they eat it and aren’t already Spectrum-fed of course!) you’ll see a noticeable improvement in color, vitality and general health. Plus we take it further: Spectrum will reverse mild (to moderate) case of nutrition-deficiency related lateral line or fin erosion and head holes. If it doesn’t, we’ll give you a full refund and cover the shipping costs (

This level of putting our money where your fish’s mouth is is unique. Would it be easier to just highlight Spectrum’s premium ingredients (whole antarctic krill, squid, a basket of algaes and seaweeds, whole fish, etc.) and call it a day? Of course it would. Frankly a lot of companies do it with ingredients that aren’t truly equal to ours side-by-side. But we think it’s important for us to prove it. That’s what we mean when we say:

Saying You’re the Best is Easy. Guaranteeing Results is Hard”


Ian Tepoot, President New Life International