Whole Squid

Many New Life Spectrum® formulas use single-sourced squid from the same rich, warm-water Pacific  fisheries that supply discerning seafood diners in markets like Japan, Spain,  South Africa and throughout Asia. The giant squid used in Spectrum® is the highest grade product, with 83% protein content — far exceeding that of fish. In addition, squid is a powerful attractant and great source of micro-nutrients. As a bonus, the fact that cephalopod mollusks have no bones means squid-based protein has far less ash content than fish, krill or other marine animal sources.

In the aquaculture industry, squid is well known for it’s effectiveness in enhancing fish growth. In addition, high quality marine protein, such as that found in squid, is easily digestible by your aquarium companions, making it great for a variety of fish and crustaceans. Even herbivores fed with high-grade marine proteins can absorb the nutrients without bloat. This high digestibility also means your aquarium dwellers can absorb more of the nutrition and expel less into the water for a better environment.

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