Ulva Seaweed

Also known as “sea lettuce”, this green macro-algae (seaweed) is a well-known source of aquarium nutrition. Aquarium hobbyists often cultivate it in refrigiums attached to their tanks as grazing food for herbivores like Tangs.

Ulva is high in soluble fiber, as well as magnesium, iron, and vitamin A and B12. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and B6 — as well as Niacin. Ulva is also rich in beta-carotene, a natural colorant that enhances the red, yellow and orange vibrancy of your fish.

New Life Spectrum® includes Ulva in all our formulas, as part of it’s balanced mix of sea vegetables, which are a variety of green, blue-green, red, yellow and brown algaes and seaweeds. This “basket” approach ensures your aquarium companions are provided with the multi-faceted diet that’s ideal for herbivores, omnivores — and even carnivores.

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