Aquarium Fish Diseases

New Life Spectrum® is pleased to provide this resource to assist aquarium keepers. It covers a few  of the more common illnesses found in tropical aquarium fish, but isn’t a complete listing of fish diseases or disorders. Any issue included, or excluded, from this listing of articles shouldn’t be taken as a statement of any disorder’s importance, priority or lack thereof.

Also, please be aware that the information contained in this Fish Disease Database contains articles for informational purposes, and is not a substitute for consultation with a veterinary professional nor treatment under the supervision of a veterinary professional. In addition, while we have attempted to provide accurate information, New Life International doesn’t guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information nor of the sources cited as reference. In fact, the articles contained here are brief, general summaries of common disorders and not a diagnostic tool or reference.

That said, we hope you find this resource helpful and educational, as at New Life International, we believe in consumer education for a more informed aquarium hobbyist!

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