Stay tuned, as coming soon, we are planning a tool that willfigure out the dosage for your IckSHIELD or HexSHIELD medicated bath solution automatically! For now, here is a guide on calculatingyour dosage that will help you determining how to achieve an 8ppm concentration of both SHIELD powder varieties (the recommended dose).

For instructions on using all our SHIELD products, please see theMedication FAQ and Document Library Links on the right.

8 ppm (parts per million) per gallon.

Measuring Powder to Water: Each included spoon worth of powder treats 20 gallons of water. (0.6 grams of powder treats 20 gallons)

Important Note:
Mix with water prepared and conditioned for your tank.
Don’t use tap water!

Common Doses (Sample):dosagetable

*Spoon included in the package.
Treatment has a arge safety margin, allowing variation per scoop.

Calculating Custom Dosage:dosageformula1

(20gal x 8ppm) ÷ 266 = 0.6 gallons

Remember to include water volume in the sump if one is used!

To calculate the water volume for either your sump or main aquarium, use the following formula: