Naturox Series: Testing the Preservatives

NLS Naturox Series

It’s been an exciting year so far for us here at New Life Spectrum®, as this year we launched our next generation version of our Spectrum Nutrition Formula that we’re calling the Naturox® Series! One of the key new features is that we’re only using ingredients that are vacuum-packed or preserved with Naturox (an all-natural, plant-based preservative). As part of the launch, we made a promise:

“We’ll be periodically releasing testing results on our blog when we change lots (i.e. food created from a new batch of ingredients) showing the ethoxyquin levels of our foods. For the Naturox Series, we are sourcing ethoxyqin-free ingredients from vendors in which we have confidence. We will also be testing ingredients to ensure that they meet this standard. We also made clear that we’re not making the claim of ‘ethoxyquin-free’ (as the facilities that catch the ingredients do also harvest and preserve using ethoxyquin on premises) but that the amounts will be zero or trace levels (which is considered 15ppm or less).”

These are the test results we conducted on our first Lot of Naturox Series products produced in late 2017 from a widely used and accredited aquaculture lab. As you can see, the amounts of ethoxyquin are indeed trace levels. We’ve posted the first sheet as an image. But if you want to download the PDFs, you can do so here. The results here are a random sampling of product for testing:

A summary of the results:


Ethoxyquin Test for Naturox Foods

We like to under-promise and over-perform — so we don’t tout our food as “ethoxyquin-free” — simply that we use ingredients not preserved using this method, and are testing our ingredients to ensure this. Naturox® Series foods may contain trace amounts of the ethoxyquin. Of course, we will always be working to reduce even the trace quantity over time, as well.

In addition to the Naturox preservative, we’v also enhanced formula with squid, ginger (in addition to the garlic) and bentonite clay for even less starch. You’ll be able to identify the new formulas by their updated packaging, and all say ‘Enhanced Formula’ on the jar. And of course the ingredients on the Naturox version will note this. But we’ve also made an even easier way to quickly see: on the top of the lid, the lot number will always be marked with an “NEQ”.