New Life Spectrum Premieres Ready-Mix Soft Food Products for Aquariums.

HOMESTEAD, Florida —March 6, 2015 — New Life International, creator of New Life Spectrum® aquarium foods, has introduced a new line of soft foods under the banner of New Life Spectrum® MIX. The product line consists of two products: GelMIX and DoughMIX. Both products are powders that create soft foods for aquarium fish and invertebrates when mixed with water. The food premiered at the 2015 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.

DoughMIX is a product that creates a new type of aquarium food unique to Spectrum, which the company refers to as “feeding dough”. Feeding dough is fish food in a soft, moist and pliable form that can be used for fish that are adapted to grazing, midwater feeders, and those with soft palates for whom harder dry foods are problematic. One of the unique features of the food is it’s ability to stick to virtually any aquarium glass surface. This allows hobbyists to create a feeding station for mid-water feeding fish without the use of plastic clips and holders that other, previous soft foods have required. New Life also cites that it can serve as a transitional food to train fish used to frozen foods to accept pellets.

GelMIX is a rebranding of a product previously released by Spectrum. The purpose of the rebranding was to clarify what the food does, and to make it’s affiliation to the newly introduced DougMIX clear. The product was previously known as Nutri/Gel. When combined with water, GelMIX creates a soft, water-stable gel food that serves as a replacement for frozen foods, and can be used to train fish used to these foods toward pellets — or sustain fish indefinitely. The food can also be used to coat decorative rocks and coral skeletons to create a feeding station for fish used to foraging from rocks and corals.

Both foods use the high-density “Spectrum Nutrition Formula”, and therefore provide similar benefits to New Life International’s other lines of Spectrum foods.

Press Contacts:
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New Life International
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